Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Find Me Mobile Tracking Application

This is an android mobile application built to aid trace back your phone in case it has gone missing. The application can be widely used in many areas which is upon the wish of the user.
Installation of the software is easy, you need to go:
Below shows the download icon on the page.

 Installation of the .apk is a straight through process that requires no much skill.
Below is a screen shot of the application once installed.

An icon is created on the phone home, called find me.,
The parameters indicates the time that it will send packets to the server, the packets are sent as a $GPRMC signal that contains data from the satellite.
The server is created such that once data is received is stored in a database.
With the application installed you can now go to any browser and access the site:
The registration on this site requires you to provide your phone imei and with that, you may view your current location.
NB: Your android phone needs to have location enabled on its settings i.e Settings > Location > Enable
For a fee of Ksh 20 ( aprox $0.20), with the web app you will have additional features such as :
  • View historical information of the location.
  • Delete your location
  • Auto refresh your location

Below is the login interface of the web app, why web app ? the reason we have the web app separated from the findme.apk ,provides much more benefit that you may view your phone across any platform even when it gets lost or misplaced.

If you have not yet registered, you can do it as in the below screen, requires your name, phone imei, phone number, password. This information is secretly stored and encrypted.

Once registered the below screen show your location view. Just below it is a little information showing you the benefits you acquire once you upgrade by paying Ksh 20. Click on the green button indicated Mpesa.

Various secure pay options have been provided including Visa, MasterCard etc.

 Below indicates the view upon full payment for the upgrade.

For further information, please feel free to contact +254727310743, or Skype me on martin_mundia
Thanks and enjoy both you and your phone safety.