Friday, 23 May 2014

Including Folders to your MSI Set Up in Vb.Net

*      Introduction
I am writing this to help those gnashing their teeth on how to include some custom folders in their application.
This guide will show the step by step process.
Folders will include reports or additional file,images or exe’s

Below picture display view under the filesystem windows
Pic a.)

Pic b.)
Display of the structure under solution explorer.

*      How to:
o   Right Click the Project(Setup) in Solution Explorer.
o   Click View > Click FileSystem.
o   New interface will be opened.
o   Right Click on File System on Target Meachine > Click Add Special Folder.
o   You can choose any one of the folder that are listed or go for Custom Folder.
o   Right Click on the Custom Folder you created > Click Add > Click Folder.
o   Right Click on the newly created Folder > click Properties.
o   Set DefaultLocation Property to ("Destination") ie c:.
o   Right Click on the newly created Folder > Click Add > Click File.
o   Browse the file you wants to get added .
o   Build the solution.
Your are done.