Friday, 10 April 2015

Setting Up VM in Ubuntu

Setting Up VM in Ubuntu

This kernel requires an x86-64,but only detected an i686 CPU Ubuntu VM error

I have written this to help someone who really have landed to this sh** while setting up his/her vm on Windows.

I followed the right procedure on setting up the VM which was as follows:

First things first, walk over to Virtual Box's Download page and grab the right copy for your system.

The only real choice falls on Linux users having to choose between 32- and 64-bit versions for their particular distribution,you don't want to run a 64-bit guest on a 32-bit host machine,that is only if you can avoid it. 

Do the installation,hmm this i no wanna talk about.

Open the Virtual box and select the New VM.

At the create new virtual machine screen.give a name of your VM, say ‘Mundia Ubuntu VM’ then press enter:

Give your VM 1GB of Ram,That is if your computer has got less than 6GB of RAM,lower it down to around 512MB.

Just select next button till you reach the Virtual desk storage details page.Select fixed size :

Then Give it 20GB Space :

Virtual box will now create the initial VM image file.This will take a minute or two.By now you have your VM set up.You will now need to install the actual operating system on it.
To install the OS.Go to  >Settings > Storage.
Select the CD icon next to IDE Secondary Master.Select your iso disc

The installation thereafter is quite straight forward.

Next Error in :
This kernel requires an x86-64,but only detected an i686 CPU Ubuntu VM error.

First i will give a small introduction of what Intel Virtualisation Technology is.

Intel Virtualisation will be found in most Intel CPUs.Formerly known as Vanderpool,this technology enables a CPU act as if you have several independent computers,inorder to enable several operating systems to run at the same time on the same machine.

This is the setting you will need to enable by :
Step 1.
Restart your computer and press key to settings e.g  F10
Step 2                   .
Go to Security > System Security >Show Virtualisation Technology > Enable

Other computers will show this setting under the advanced settings tab