Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Some Techniques for you developer with Open ERP

Thanks to this information that i am now able to start quick in Open ERP
All web client customization is done on this directory

Below are the following files needed to be modified
Use to change color of the web frame. Use HTML notation when coding color. You can use GIMP to convert colors to HTML notation.

Use to change footer text "Powered by OpenERP". Leave this file unchanged to avoid violating the OpenERP AGPL license

Use to change the browser title and version as displayed on the footer beside the "Powered by.." statement
Look for this line document.title = title + sep + 'OpenERP' and replace it with document title of your choice. (i.e. document.title = "My OpenERP";)

Use to change the default favicon displayed on the webpage
The logo located at the right corner of the application
Size and aspect ratio should be preserved

The logo at the log in prompt. This could be at any size

Use to change the log-in screen title (reboot is required for changes to take effect)
Look for html_template and check the content of the title beginning with <title>